Like other new players, you are interested in Vampire live and want to immerse yourself in the world of darkness?

Then you should fulfil these points:


New players must be at least 18 years old

No exception.

This is a game for adults. Besides the ever present risk of minor injuries in LARP, Vampire Live is a game that also requires mental maturity. We make no exceptions on this point – not even if you are almost 18, so to speak.


Have enough time

You can spend almost 24 hours a day with Vampire Live. Of course, you can also invest much less time. However, you should have a basic amount of time for this hobby in order to have fun. You will be much more involved in the game if you play regularly than if you only attend three games a year.


Be able to lose…

… because you cannot win this game. We play with the inevitable downfall of a character. It’s a player vs. player setting. If you want to save the world and be a hero or win every conflict, you will most likely not have fun with us. A fantasy setting will suit you better.


Separate inplay and offplay

Vampire Live is not a tea party, and vampires are not nice to each other. There is conflict, intrigue, and social pressure. Vampires are unfair – sometimes your character falls victim to intrigue or a tantrum without having done anything wrong. That is part of the game.

The secret is to know THAT IT IS ONLY A GAME. The other character may have just talked down to your character in public – that doesn’t mean the other player doesn’t like you.


Be open-minded

On one side for our game. You will come across extreme situations again and again. Most of them you can participate in (or will be involved in ;)).

On the other hand, be open to the other players. Get to know them outside the game. Come to the location before the game starts and stay after the game. When setting up and breaking down together, get to know the others and don’t take nasty actions in the game personally.


Lots of imagination and creativity

It’s not just about imagining that cherry juice is blood. You will also have to improvise a lot. You can only really prepare yourself for very few situations. You also have to be actively involved in the play instead of waiting for others to pull you into a scene.


Be interested in our way of playing

We play vampires who are vampires. Our game is serious, intense, demanding and hard. We play with the etiquette, practices and intrigue of the Camarilla.

When we play we are really in the game. This means that everything you do is an action of your character. And everything your character does can have consequences. Characters can also die. It is our goal that characters behave according to their own beliefs – even if this means that other characters do not approve and a conflict arises. If the other is stronger, he will win this time. But maybe the night will come soon when you can get back at him…


In conclusion

Everyone has their own ideas about the game. It is natural that not everyone likes our style. If this is the case, you might be happier in another group.

But if you want the feeling that this could be real; if you want to enjoy the fear, the tension, the price and the personal horror of your character: Welcome!

  • This is a game about personal horror
  • This is a game of emotions
  • This is a game about power
  • It is about the fear of the final death
  • There are no winners
  • We do not play heroes
  • We play monsters