Traditional name: Clan of the Wise


Anarchs, iconoclasts, rebels – in no other clan can you find so many of them as in the Brujah. But this is only one facet, for what really constitutes the Clan of the Wise goes deeper. Each member of this bloodline is driven by an ideal that burns deep within them. In their blood seethe visions of better worlds and the urge to mercilessly tear down every rotten order that stands in the way of this new world. This urge can even be directed against their own Elders.
This aspired new order does not have to correspond to our current moral standards. The ideal of a Brujah does not have to be “good”. A convinced monarchist or even fascist can also find himself in this clan, even if this is the exception rather than the rule these days. What unites the clan is the burning for their own ideal, not a common moral idea of “right” and “wrong”.

But the fire in the blood of the Brujah is also expressed in their temperament. Many are quick-tempered, energetic, able to talk themselves into a rage. They are philosophers of war and orators who (want to) incite the crowd. Many a Brujah finds it much harder to keep his beast in check than other Cainites.

The clan disciplines of the Brujah are Potence, Celerity and Presence: Through their strength and speed they can be fearsome opponents in battle. At the same time, however, they are also able to stir up and influence the feelings of others.