Here you will find an overview of the seven clans of the Camarilla, their disciplines as well as the six traditions and etiquette that hold vampiric society together.


The Clans

There are more clans than just these seven. But these are the ones that have come together in the Camarilla. Our game is focused on the Camarilla, so you will rarely meet members of other clans in the game.


Clan Brujah

In no other clan are there so many anarchs, iconoclasts and rebels as here. Every member of this bloodline is driven by an ideal. In their blood seethe the visions of a better world and the urge to mercilessly tear down every rotten order that stands in the way of this new world. In this irrepressible striving, they can even turn against their own Elders.


Clan Gangrel

The Gangrel have the strongest grasp of all on the natural order of life. They develop a deep understanding of the beastliness of vampiric nature, and feel the urge to follow the most primal laws and natural order – and to ascend within it. And they know one thing for sure: every step is a battle that only the strongest survive.


Clan Malkav

Malkavians often exist beyond traditional ideas of morality, logic and existence in their own world of perception. At the same time, they want to penetrate and overcome their own, the human and the vampiric being. They search for these inner fractures, the cracks in the soul, explore them and tear them open further. This search for knowledge and understanding is their drive, often misunderstood by others as madness.


Clan Nosferatu

Every Nosferatu is bestially disfigured by creation. They are so vile that they only find some kind of security in their clan – they are lepers among themselves. Nosferatu are marked either by shyness and shame at their disfigurements, or devotion to their monstrosity, which drives them to heinous provocations. But what excludes them also makes them strong: no one else digs into the waste of others, and no one else possesses as much information about others as the Nosferatu. They are despised and loathed – and they make it pay dearly when someone needs answers.


Clan Toreador

Every Toreador craves life and impulses. And like no other clan, they can perceive impressions in all their facets and recognise beauty in them. Many are gifted artists, while others master the social stage and use it for their games. But the fascination and enthusiasm wants to be satisfied, and more and more is needed to satisfy the growing addiction.


Clan Tremere

Unlike the other clans, the Tremere are not directly descended from Cain – if this myth is to be believed. What is unique are their magical powers, which they cast with their blood magic, for which the other clans distrust them. No one knows what this clan is really capable of, except the Tremere themselves. As a protection against hostility, they are strictly organised, and only a few manage to rise in the pyramid without falling.


Clan Ventrue

It is the Ventrue who in many cases occupy the leading positions in the Camarilla. Not because they are born leaders and charismatics, but because they are more willing than any other clan to take on the burden of ruling. Dedicated to their life’s work, they are true martyrs who are ready to give everything – including themselves.



Disciplines, traditions and etiquette

What powers are found in the blood of the different clans? And how do traditions and etiquette hold society together?


The disciplines

Three disciplines lie in the blood of each clan. Some of these powers are found in several clans, others are unique.

Each Cainite has their own understanding of their powers, but views are more similar within a clan than between different bloods. It is possible to learn the powers of other clans, but in doing so one always absorbs and changes a little of the spirit of their own blood.


The Traditions

Six unbreakable rules hold the Camarilla together and prevent chaos and tyranny from gaining the upper hand. Those who break these rules know that they have forfeited their existence – or else will suffer a punishment far worse than annihilation.


The etiquette

How do you move between hungry beasts from different eras and social classes without inadvertently starting a war? Etiquette is the guide that makes this possible.