So, what is there to know about our game?

Due to the experience of the last 20 years, our game in Bremen, as well as the Katharsis Chronicle, evolved. “Our” Vampire Live differs from the original “Vampire: The Masquerade”.

Of course, the basics are still the same: clans, sects, and disciplines stayed. However, a few things were changed to allow a more intense and deeper roleplay. Therefore, it is no problem if you have no experience with “Vampire: The Masquerade”. In fact, it can be even easier for you to start our game if you don’t know much or anything about it.

Here we introduce newbies as well as the experienced player to our game.


The goal of our game

What is the goal of Vampire Live? Here you’ll find a description of where the focus of our game lies.


The Catharsis Concept

With roleplay, you can dive into and experience everything that accumulated in real life, just like with the Katharsis of Aristoteles’ theory of tragic. This theory serves as inspiration and orientation for the Vampire Live of the Katharsis Chronicle.


What is this vampiric world?

This is an explanation especially for newbies about the world we are playing in. You will find answers to your questions: What a kindred, clans, the large groups within the vampire society, and how does this vampire society look like? And what the heck are kindred, to begin with?

No Plots

In the Katharsis Chronicle and in our group there are generally no plots. We focus not on the large battles against hostile vampiric groups but on the interaction among the characters. Because of that we also don’t have npcs. The characters of the storytellers act and react freely, according to their individual character concept.

Converting characters from other chronicles

Here you will find an explanation on why we don’t convert characters from other chronicles to fit in our game.

Dates for sessions

Here you will find the dates for the official sessions in Bremen, as well as the dates for the large events of the Katharsis Chronicles.


In our blog, you will find on a more or less regular basis new posts on Vampire Live: Tipps for your character, information on the game, highly recommendable films and books, and tutorials for crafting vampire-related stuff. There’s a topic missing? We are looking forward for your message with new ideas!