Sessions in Bremen

Du to Corona we cannot say when exactly we will host official gatherings of the domain again. However, you can still start to play! In winter 21/22 there have been a few domain gatherings, and the number of small private sessions is on the raise. These have the big benefit of making it easier to play in a surrounding everyone can feel safe in corona-wise.

We usually play regularly once per month. Besides these official sessions, there are several smaller gatherings. They are privately organized by players and their characters. If you want to visit them you need to get an invitation ingame – or organise a private session yourself 😉


Playing Vampire in times of Covid

Right now we will not have surprise guests at our sessions. Ingame you can surprise everyone with your presence. If you are not announced outgame though you cannot participate in our game.







02./ 03.09.: Autumn Magic





Dates of big events in the Katharsis

29./30. July: Summerfest in Thuringia

2./3. September 2022: Autumn Magic in Bremen



Large events of the Katharsis

~end of January/ February: New Year’s Reception in Berlin
~April: Spring Festivity in Hamburg
~August: Summerfest in Thuringia
~September: Night of Arts and Autumn Magic in Bremen
~November: Symposion or Council