You want to join our group or simply get a glimpse of our game? Awesome! This I how we will proceed now:

Two short questions

Before we begin you’ll have to answer two questions:

Are you 18 years old?
If you are not 18 years old, you are (sadly) not able to participate in our game. However, that is not the end: Contact us, and we will prepare everything for you joining the game as soon as you turn 18.

Where are you from?
You are not living in Bremen, but you want to play in the Katharsis chronicle? No problem! There are several vampire live groups that are part of the Katharsis chronicle. We will gladly connect you with the storytellers of a group near you. Right now these groups are Utrecht and Haarlem in the Netherlands, as well as Hamburg, Aurich, Berlin, Leipzig, Thuringia, and Saarbrücken in Germany.


Send us a mail!

Simply send us a mail to spielleitung [a]
If we are not extraordinarily busy we will answer within one or two days.


Learn more about us

While you are waiting for us to answer, surf our website. Here we have a lot of information on our game or the different vampire clans, so you can get a first impression of them. But don’t worry, you don’t need to remember every detail right away.


Let’s start!

We answered to your mail, and now we can start.

We will make a date to meet for a nice cup of coffee or for talk via Skype, so we can get to know each other and answer all your questions.

In order to enable you to enter and enjoy our game, we will talk about our game, the setting, and our rules. Together we will create your character. You will see during these talks that the rules are not too much to learn: The rule book is no longer than 6 pages. We will send all the important information to you as pdf, so you can read them at home. These are the rules, a short text on the feeling of your clan, as well as a few rules important for our game. Everything you have to do know is to read them.

If you are still unsure about what you would like to play, you can participate by playing a ghoul. A ghoul is a human servant of a vampire. You will not be involved in all interactions among the vampires, but you will be able to get a feeling for the game.


Looking forward for more

You participated and want more? Then we will start right away! If we haven’t done already, we will add you to our group on Facebook (if you have a Facebook-account). We will also work with you on your character and help you to get a better feeling for it.


The brunch after the game

You are most welcome to join the brunch the day after our session. This brunch is organized by us at home and makes sure that we can end the weekend in the most relaxed way possible. At these brunches you can get to know the other players, ask questions, or simply enjoy the food.


Our group on Facebook

Ideally, you have a Facebook account because on this platform we have two important groups: The one from Bremen and the one from the whole Katharsis chronicle. In our group for Bremen, we organize the local sessions as well as our visits in other domains. In the big group of the Katharsis you will find information concerning the sessions of other cities of the chronicle.
You don’t need to have a Facebook account since you can also contact us per mail. You can find the dates for our sessions on our website. However, you need to stay active yourself and remind yourself to contact us concerning the organization for future events.


We continue working on your character

While you collect your first experiences ingame, we will aid you when questions arise. We will also aid you in getting a good feeling for your character concerning his/ her motivations to have as much fun playing as possible.
Of course, we will take enough time to create your character together with you. However, a lot of things develop ingame. During the first sessions, you will get a better feeling of how your character actually feels and if there are things you would like to change. That is normal for many players.



When all questions are answered you can start playing. If some are unanswered – tell us, and we will give you all the information you need.
And now: Send us an email!