What is the Katharsis Chronicle?

The Katharsis Chronicle is a group of different Vampire Live groups in Germany and the Netherlands. All these groups play with the same rules and backgrounds; ingame they belong to the same setting. Some of these groups exist since the end of the ’90s as part of this Chronicle. And we continue to grow!

Today we are counting 9 domains in our chronicle: Haarlem, Utrecht, Hamburg, Bremen, Aurich, Berlin, Thuringia, Leipzig, and Saarbrücken.

In most domains there a regular monthly session. Usually, there are about 10 to 20 players visiting such a session. Additionally, we have five large events each year, visited from 40 to 90 players from the whole Chronicle. And of course, all characters can meet beside the official gatherings and enjoy more private meetings. You can be sure: It will never be boring!



Why are we part of such a large Chronicle?

Playing in a chronicle with so many different groups adds a lot of depth to the game. Every session in every city can influence the game in every other city. Players can travel and play in other groups of the Katharis chronicle. This way they collect real ingame experiences, stories, and rumors, and will influence the events in other domains. When they are back home, they bring these stories with them, this way enriching other sessions. Knowing that they really experienced these events themselves creates a feeling of depth and intensity: Everyone can be a part of creating a world in which every player interactively influences the whole story.

This means you know that those stories from Berlin really happened. Doesn’t that sound much more thrilling than knowing that your storyteller had to made those stories up, creating an artificial world that simply does not feel real?

With this joined organization and group work, we also have the chance to created shared backgrounds for different characters. These connections add motivation to travel to other domains. This leads to a lot of ingame dynamics we greatly enjoy.