Traditional name: Clan of the Beast


No clan grasps the natural order of life like the Gangrel. With their creation, they begin to grasp the beastliness of vampiric nature more deeply than other clans ever could. They feel the urge within themselves to follow the most primal laws. They have a keen sense of the hierarchy among the Cainites and fight their way up in it. One thing they know for sure: every step on this path is a battle that only the strongest survive. But in return they gain dominion over the Cainite beast where others prefer to turn a blind eye.

What makes the Gangrel unique are their claws, with which they can tear gaping wounds. No sword comes close to these weapons that a Gangrel always carries.


Gangrels are among the few Cainites who change physically after their creation. The closer they get to their beast, the more it shows in external features. Gangel, however, are not noble savages who follow an animal totem. They are vampires and therefore beasts, and they are more aware of this than most other vampires. A Gangrel may think of themselves as a wolf, but that does not change their nature.

Their physical changes are a mark of the beast they carry within them. Some believe to recognise certain predators in them, but ultimately every claw, every pelt, every fang is just one thing: a reminder that Gangrel do not hide their beast.


Their nature often makes it difficult for them to move among humans. The masquerade is therefore particularly important to Gangrel, as it is harder for them to keep it.


Their clan disciplines are Animalism, Fortitude and Protean: where some clans affect the feelings of others, Gangrel directly reach their beast. Their toughness, along with their claws, makes them fearsome opponents in a fight.